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During our tour to Italy, you’ll discover the whole beauty of this magnificent country. You’ll visit “the city on the water”, will have a walk in marvelous Rome. The architecture of Vatican and the beauty of flourishing Florence will captivate you and you’ll fall in love with this country, wishing to return again.

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Day 1

Arrival at Venice Marco Polo airport and transfer to Venice Mestre railroad station. Departure to Rome by direct train. Arrival at the railroad station of Rome, Termini and transfer to the hotel in Rome (3-4 km from the center, for an extra charge you can stay near the railroad station of Termini). Free time in Rome or an optional trip to Castel Romano Outlet (not included).

Venice is a city on the water. And the impressions about the city will not be complete if you do not plan a walk along the Grand Canal - the main waterway that divides the city into 2 parts.
The hallmark of the city San Marco Square is one of the main attractions of Italy. Here are the best attractions in Venice and the most exciting events are held in this city.
The bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Mark was built in the 16th century and at the beginning of its existence, the inner rooms served as a torture chamber. The majestic building of the Doge's Palace is another of the attractions of Venice. It was built, reconstructed and decorated for over a hundred years. After all, it was here that the rulers of Venice lived, and, therefore, this palace must show the richness and greatness of the Venetians. Now it is a museum.

Day 2

In the afternoon meeting with a local guide for three-hour sightseeing tour of the city (included), walking through the marvelous monuments of the ancient Rome. Optional excursion to Rome by night (not included). Overnight.

The capital of Italy, Rome, is one of the most visited cities in the world. Rome is a unique city, within its borders, there is a wholly independent state - the Vatican. This is the main center of Catholicism with an abundance of Catholic churches, created by the best Italian architects and decorated with works of great Italian artists and sculptors.
The Coliseum, the main arena of Ancient Rome, was once a theater for gladiatorial fights, hounding captives with wild animals and other equally bloody performances of the capital of the Empire. In honor of the opening of the Coliseum in 80 AD, Great Games were arranged, which lasted more than 3 months. The ancient stones of the Arena still remember the gladiators killed by the public and for the pleasure torn to pieces slaves from the occupied provinces.
Basilica of San Giovanni in Lateran is one of the most ancient Christian churches and the first temple of Rome. It is recognized as "the head and mother of all churches." The temple appeared during the reign of Constantine under Pope Sylvester I in the IV century AD. Six Popes are buried in the basilica and the relics of the Apostles of St. Paul and St. Peter are kept here.

Day 3

Time for leisure or possibility to have an optional excursion in Trastevere (not included) where tourists could taste typical Roman Cuisine or Optional Excursion “Imperial Rome” (not included). In the afternoon meeting with a local guide for a three-hour excursion to Vatican Museums (excursion included but entrances not included) and Basilica of St. Peter. Free time or Optional excursion Christian Rome (not included). Overnight.

An excursion to the Vatican museums and St. Peter’s Cathedral will best reveal the art, beauty, history and religious culture of Italy. The complex of museums created by omnipotent popes is included in the 5 most visited museums in the world. It has 54 galleries, undoubtedly, the main treasures of which are Raphael's stanza and the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo's ceiling paintings.

Day 4

Free time in Rome or optional full day excursion to Pompei/ Naples (not included). On the return way stop in outlet for shopping. Overnight.

Naples is a place of collision and coexistence of contrasts, you understand this as soon as you get to the city. Gorgeous historical memories in the Capodimonte Museum and the Royal Palace "get along" with the worst manifestations of modernity and the chaotic rhythm of life. And then breathtaking landscapes and rules of life, which are valid only here and nowhere else on Earth.
The ancient Roman city of Pompeii is located near Naples. In August 79, as a result of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, he was buried under a layer of ash. Today, the city is an open-air museum. The city was found during excavations carried out in 1592 by the architect Domenico Fontana during the construction of the canal of the Sarno River. After the earthquake that occurred in 1980, restoration work is constantly underway in Pompeii, at present about 25% of the city has not yet been excavated.

Day 5

Transfer to Montecatini. Stop in Siena for an optional guided excursion of the historical center of Siena with the guide (not included) or free time in Chianti region with the possibility to taste typical products (not included) and to have Tuscany lunch (not included) with typical products. After lunch departure to Montecatini. Accommodation at the hotel. Free time in Montecatini or optional excursion of Pisa with the guide (not included). Return to Montecatini. Overnight at the Hotel.

In the picturesque valley of Nievole, there is a large Italian thermal resort - Montecatini Terme. Worldwide, it is very popular not only among tourists but also celebrities like to come here and have a rest. This region can boast of its luxury and refinement, which is created by local parks and gardens. The service here is also on the top, which makes staying at the resort even more comfortable and useful. Until now, the grandeur of the past is preserved on the streets of the city. You can enjoy the spirit of the old days, strolling through city streets or parks.
The city of Pisa is one of the beautiful pearls of the Tuscany region. Many tourists associate it, first of all, with the world-famous “falling tower”. Of course, this amazing building is the hallmark of the city, but in addition to the city bell tower in Pisa, there is a lot to see. For example, visiting Pisa, you should get to the Square of Miracles, which is home to such attractions as the Pisa Cathedral and the Baptistery, as well as a monumental cemetery.

Day 6

Then departure to Florence and meeting with a local guide for 1,5-hour excursion of Florence (included). Free time in Florence. Optional visit of Pitti Palace (or Uffizi according to availability) optional museum (not included). In the afternoon transfer to hotel in Padova or Venice area. On the way a possibility to have an optional excursion to Padova. Accommodation at the hotel. Free time.

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, fully justifies its name: the city is flourishing and developing, becoming more and more attractive to travelers. More than 20 million people visit it annually. Florence is otherwise called the “Cradle of the Renaissance”. It has inspired Dante, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Giotto, Cimabue, besides the genius of all times and peoples Leonardo da Vinci was born nearby. Florence managed to preserve the historical appearance, and now it is considered the "museum" city in Italy. Indeed, monuments of architecture and cultural attractions are here at every turn.
Every fan of Italy is obliged to visit the tiny town in the east of the Padova Plain - Padova! Here, in a small area, you can really plunge into Italian history, see the magnificent basilica, where there are ancient frescoes made by Giotto himself, touch the relics of St. Anthony, see one of the largest and most colorful squares in Europe, visit the oldest university where Copernicus and Galileo taught, see the beautiful botanical garden and much more else.

Day 7

Transfer by bus to Venice city checkpoint and then by boat (transfer by boat NOT included) to San Marco Square. In Venice meeting with a local guide for 1,5-hour excursion of the city (included). Optional typical lunch in Venice (not included). Time for leisure in the afternoon or choice between different optional excursions (not included): Doge’s Palace, a trip by gondola, Grand Canal by motorboat. Transfer by boat and car to the hotel in Venice area. Overnight at the hotel.

Venice is a city on the water. And the impressions about the city will not be complete if you do not plan a walk along the Grand Canal - the main waterway that divides the city into 2 parts.
The hallmark of the city San Marco Square is one of the main attractions of Italy. Here are the best attractions of Venice and the most exciting events are held in this city.

Day 8

Transfer to Venice airport.

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