Myanmar Highlights
Myanmar, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and also known as Burma, is a country in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is bordered by India and Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos and China. Myanmar is the largest of the mainland Southeast Asian states. The country's population is 51 million people. Its capital city is Naypyidaw (Nay Pyi Taw), and its largest city is Yangon. The Burman or Bamar constitute 68% of the total population of the country. The other ethnic communities residing in Burma are Shan, Karen, Chinese, Mon, and Indian peoples. Burmese is the official language of Myanmar. The majority of Burmese (about 88%) practice Buddhism.

History and Government
It's thought that humans have lived in the area now occupied by modern-day Myanmar since 75,000 BC, but the first settlements that we know about for certain were established at least 13,000 years ago. The ethnic origins of modern Myanmar are a mixture of Indo-Aryans and the Mongolian invaders. Anawrahta was the first great unifier of Myanmar. The government of Myanmar, as defined by the Constitution, functions as a parliamentary republic. In this type of government, the heads of the Cabinet are responsible for carrying out the laws set forth by Parliament.

The most dominant feature of the country is the Irrawaddy River system, the surrounding valleys and the river's massive delta in the south. The country itself is divided into two classifications, Lower Myanmar and Upper Myanmar. Lower Myanmar is comprised of coastal areas with thick tropical forests that have valuable trees in them (teak forests, oil-bearing and timber trees) with Upper Myanmar making up the interior parts of the country.

The culture of the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar has been heavily influenced by the Buddhist religion. The Burmese men and women both wear a type of sarong-like lower garment called the longyi. Myanmar has a rich heritage of music and dance. An array of traditional instruments are used to play Burmese traditional music. The Burmese are extremely friendly and outgoing in nature. The public show of emotions like anger and sorrow are not encouraged in the country. The Burmese dislike touching or patting anyone on the head as it is considered improper in Buddhism.

The Burmese cuisine reflects indigenous influences and also has elements of Indian, Thai, and Chinese cuisines. The Burmese dishes are known to have a mild spicy flavor. Rice is the staple of the cuisine and is served with meat curries and vegetables. Soups are also widely consumed. A fermented sauce prepared from preserve fish, Indian-style pickles, shrimp sauce or balachaung, pickled vegetables, etc., are typical condiments of the cuisine. Lentils, tamarind, and chickpeas are also extensively used. Salads are widely consumed. A salad of pickled tea leaves called laphet thoke is very popular in Burma. Mohinga is considered to be the national dish of the country. It is rice noodles in rice-fish soup.

Best time to visit Myanmar
Although it is a year-round destination, the best time to vacation in Myanmar is the cool season (October to February) when the temperatures are more moderate and there is little or no rain. Myanmar can become extremely busy during this time, so plan your visit well in advance. Visiting Myanmar during the hot or wet season has the benefit of fewer tourists and therefore lower prices.

Tourist Attractions
Myanmar – has slowly but surely been coming into the tourist fold in the last couple of decades. Breathtaking Bagan bags is one of the best places to visit in Myanmar. The reason? Most travelers leave with a distinct sense of awe and amazement. A sea of countless temple tops pierce the clouds and the forests; plumes of dust coalesce at the spires of ancient stupas; the faded outlines of forgotten Hindu demigods beckon from the great platforms, and all the while the serrated tips of the Arakan Mountains loom in the background. One of Myanmar’s most spectacular pagodas, Kakku is a Shan State hidden gem ane of the most incredible things to do at Inle Lake. It is a collection of 2,478 stupas commissioned 2,000 years ago and it is a religious centre for the Pa’O people, a Buddhist tribe from Myanmar. Myanmar is known for its Buddhist temples and the Chauk-htat-gyi Buddha Temple is one of them. This is one of the best places to visit in Myanmar especially if you’re on a tour of the country’s temples.

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