Tour overview

Amsterdam-Giethoorn-the Hague-Delft-the Zaanse Schans and Volendam

During the tour “Amsterdam Light” lasting 7 days you will see all the most important and popular sightseeings in Amsterdam and its surroundings, you will visit Hague and Delft, the Diamond Factory, the cheese factory and will taste HEINEKEN beer, which will not leave any traveler indifferent to all of this.


Day 1 Saturday

Arrival in Amsterdam, hotel transfer.

Day 2 Sunday

City tour around its channels, with a visit to the diamond factory, and in the evening - admiring Night Amsterdam

You have heard a lot about Amsterdam, but you’ve never been to this city? It’s time to catch up!
We’re offering you to spend several memorable hours in one of the most extraordinary European cities with a colorful history. Over 6000 monument buildings, 2400 houseboats, 1200 bridges, 150 canals, a multitude of museums – Amsterdam is definitely worth visiting. During the tour you’ll see the beautiful streets of Amsterdam, including Dam square. There you’ll have a chance to walk by the Central Station building that is standing on 9000 stiles. Then we’ll walk by the so called “Coin” Tower and see the notorious Kalverstraat Street with the most ancient house in Amsterdam. Art connoisseurs will love to visit the West Church. Except for its magnificent look, it’s attractive for the fact that Rembrandt is buried here. You will also be attracted by the facades of the New and Old Churches. Not only women but also men won’t be able to resist the beauty of precious stones in a diamond cutting factory. Then, you’ll have an opportunity to see the process of diamond cutting on the diamond factory, and buy the jewelry you’ll like.
We’ll complete the tour with a sail through the marvelous canals. Amsterdam looks especially wonderful from the water.
Don’t miss your chance to get acquainted with the beautiful city! Whatever time of the year you choose, you’ll fall in love with Amsterdam.
When we talk about night Amsterdam, many tourists first of all think about the Red Light District. The Red Lights district is the magnificent centre of the modern sex industry. This district in Amsterdam is the place where the most notorious sex shops, erotic theaters and brothels of Europe are located. The red lights glowing in the windows of the establishments here gave the district its name. Every year this place is visited by millions of tourists as it’s truly legendary.

Day 3 Monday

Free day (at extra charge - a trip to Giethoorn)

The village of Giethoorn in Holland has a truly remarkable feature – they don’t move by car or bus, there are almost no roads in the village – only canals. Therefore, the main transports are boats, and thanks to that, the second name of the village is the “Dutch Venice”. Walking along the streets of this area, you breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery, and it will seem to you that you are in the paintings of the painter. This place will immerse you in a state of peace and pleasant relaxation.

Day 4 Tuesday

Free day (at extra charge-a visit to Van Gogh Museum)

Van Gogh Museum opened in 1973 possesses the largest collection of Van Gogh’s works in the world. The paintings are placed in chronological order, which helps you feel the artist’s personal development. Despite the fact that Van Gogh started drawing at a rather late age, he managed to leave behind more than 800 canvases and 1200 sketches quite many of which rightfully deserve being called masterpieces. Six months after the death of Vincent Van Gogh his beloved brother and the best friend Theo Van Gogh dies at 33 years old. According to the observations of doctors, he died of stress and acute grief, leaving his wife Joanna not only to inherit a newborn son, but also a large number of Vincent's canvases and letters to her late husband, Theo. It was thanks to these letters that the woman was able to study Vincent's creativity and get to know her husband more closely (more than 700 letters survived and are kept in the Van Gogh Museum). It is to her that we owe the opportunity to enjoy the work of a great artist.

Day 5 Wednesday

State Museum after dinner (at extra charge-a visit to Hague-Delft).

Welcome to the world-famous Hague, known as the legal capital of the world which, however, is not surprising, because this Dutch city is where the International Court of Justice, the Intercity Criminal Court and the Palace of Peace are located. The Hague is also where the King of the Netherlands lives and the local government is based. When you arrive into the city, be sure to check out the luxurious residence of the Dutch King and the Peace Palace. We also invite you to visit the old and charming city of Delft, which is located between Rotterdam and The Hague.

Day 6 Thursday

A visit to brewery Heineken after dinner (at extra charge- the Zaanse Schans)

Zaanse Schans is a small Dutch village on the Zaan River, 25 km away from Amsterdam, where all the country’s traditions and customs have been preserved, where people wear national costumes, houses are painted by hand and look like gingerbread cookies where delicious Dutch cheese is cooked according to old recipes exclusively by hand without using the latest equipment.

Day 7 Friday

Cheese auction in Alkmaar, airport transfer

Excursion to the cheese market in Alkmaar is obligatory for all lovers of this delicacy! The city of Alkmaar in the north of Holland is known for its developed cheese production and annual cheese fairs.
They begin on every second Friday of April and last until the second Friday of September. The fair in Alkmaar begins with the traditional cheese weighing ritual. The market opens with the bell tower’s ringing, called in by a specially invited important guest or a well-known person. A fascinating presentation begins with the selection of a young princess of cheese. In the town square, a noisy orchestra plays and the crowd greets with the applause of the mayor of the city and his subjects. This commission chooses Cheese Princess, and then solemnly congratulates the happy winner. Soon after choosing a princess, the Dutch go on to the main action: the cheese trade. First, huge cheese heads are carried to the square and laid out in even rows. It is noteworthy that the cheese in red packaging is imported, while the yellow packaging indicates a sale within the country. Eyes run up from the cheese assortment, and most importantly, visitors to the fair can taste and buy the varieties of cheese they like.

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