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India has a rich and varied history dating back to 300,000 years ago. For the same reason, there are several tourist attractions in India of historical significance. A lot of attractions in India are mosques, temples, churches owing to the rich culture and religious diversity in the country. Some of these extravagant attractions in India were created hundreds of years ago by different rulers of respective places while some others were created after independence.

The geography of India is diverse and can be divided into three main regions. The first is the rugged, mountainous Himalayan region in the northern part of the country, while the second is called the Indo-Gangetic Plain. It is in this region that most of India's large-scale agriculture takes place. The third geographic region in India is the plateau region in the southern and central portions of the country. India also has three major rivers which have large deltas that take over a large portion of the land. These are the Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers.
India formally called the Republic of India, is the country that occupies most of the Indian subcontinent in southern Asia. In terms of its population India is one of the most populous nations in the world and falls slightly behind China India has a long history and is considered the world's largest democracy and one of the most successful in Asia. It is a developing nation and has only recently opened its economy to outside trade and influences. As such, its economy is currently growing and when combined with its population growth, India is one of the world's most significant countries.

Indian culture varies like its vast geography. People speak in different languages, dress differently, follow different religions, eat different food but are of the same temperament. So whether it is a joyous occasion or a moment of grief, people participate whole-heartedly, feeling the happiness or pain. A festival or a celebration is never constrained to a family or a home. The whole community or neighbourhood is involved in bringing liveliness to an occasion. Likewise, an Indian wedding is a celebration of union, not only of the bride and groom but also of two families, maybe cultures or religion too! Similarly, in times of sorrow, neighbours and friends play an important part in easing out the grief.

India’s 2019 population is estimated at 1.37 billion based on the most recent UN data. One of every 6 people on the planet lives in India. The country has doubled in size in just 40 years and is expected to unseat China as the world's most populated country in the next couple of decades. The country as a whole has a population density of 416 people per square kilometer, which ranks 31st in the world. In Mumbai, the population density is 21,000 people per square kilometer.

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