Hong Kong Highlights
Hong Kong is a melting pot of East and West, tradition and modernity. It offers countless things to do and see. The city of Hong Kong is an impressive country with a large number of skyscrapers on both sides of Victoria Harbour — more than 3,000 buildings over 90 meters high. Take the century-old Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak, and enjoy a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour. Ride the Star Ferry to immerse yourself in the beautiful views of Victoria Harbour. Visit historical temples, like Wong Tai Sin Temple and Po Lin Monastery. Stroll along the Avenue of Stars, which is a shoreline promenade that offers one of the best places to view the harbor and the skyline.

History and Government
Hong Kong developed initially on the basis of its excellent natural harbor and the lucrative China trade, particularly opium dealing. It was the expansion of its territory, however, that provided labour and other resources necessary for sustained commercial growth that led it to one of the world’s major trade and financial centres. The Chief Executive is the head of Region and head of government of Hong Kong. The Basic Law designates a system of governance led by a Chief Executive and an Executive Council.

Geography and environment
Hong Kong is located on the southeast coast of China, facing the South China Sea. About 70 percent of Hong Kong's 1,100 square kilometers (420 square miles) territory is undeveloped country parkland, and there are many large areas to hike, bike, camp, canoe, swim, surf, and have fun in.

Area and Population
There are four main areas in Hong Kong with natural parkland or islands that are big enough to really enjoy yourself and get to where you won't see people or houses: in Sai Kung in the country park area north of Kowloon, on Lantau Island e.t.c.The population is 7,448,900 people with an area of 1,108 km.

Culture and Customs
Hong Kong is a mixture of many cultures. Remnants of its colonial past, as well as the British culture and values, share space with the Chinese traditions. There is no better place to experience both eastern and western cultures and experience traditional and modern life. The customs here are also very diverse like its culture. The Hong Kong Chinese handshake is rather light. During the greeting, many Hong Kong Chinese lower their eyes as a sign of respect. Table manners are rather relaxed in Hong Kong, although there are certain rules of etiquette. When in doubt, watch what others do and emulate their behaviour. They are also very welcoming. The host offers the first toast. You may reciprocate later in the meal.

Food and Drink
Hong Kong is famous for food, and when you visit, you better be ready to eat. You’ll discover 25 dishes and snacks that you don’t want to miss eating when you’re in Hong Kong. For each dish, you’ll also find restaurants in Hong Kong where you can try them. There is an ancient Chinese tradition of drinking tea, known as yum cha, and with tea, it’s common to eat little bite sizes dishes which are known as dim sum. That’s why dim sum is often served at teahouses and always goes with hot tea.

Festivals and Events
When the full moon shines brightly in the night sky, Hong Kong is illuminated with a Mid-Autumn Festival. Thousands of lanterns of various shapes, sizes and colors adorn the streets and public parks. The festival is an ancient Chinese tradition that celebrates rebellion. New Year in Hainan is an attraction primarily for tourists, but the attraction is fun and very bright. The New Year holidays season starts in Hong Kong for Catholic Christmas at the end of December, and ends already in February, with the advent of the Chinese New Year.

Best Time to Visit
The best time to visit Hong Kong is from October to December when the weather is sunny, mild, and pleasant. The weather from January to March is also relatively dry and cool/mild, but cloudier. The weather from April to September can be hot, wet and humid. The typhoon season runs roughly from June to October and sometimes starts even in April or May.

Travel Tips (currency, electricity, shopping, health and safety)
Hong Kong offers rich travel experiences from convenient tours and relaxing family vacations to active outdoor adventures. Generally speaking, due to the high land price in Hong Kong, hotel prices are high and rooms can be quite small. Hong Kong is a transport hub to take tours to Macau and Mainland China. It takes about one hour to Macau by ferry. The MTR in Hong Kong makes it super easy to get around the city. If you buy an octopus card you just touch your card and you can move around the city freely. The currency here Hong Kong dollar (HKD). Hong Kong is an expensive city but it is always possible to find local cheap places for eating. Hong Kong is a shopping paradise that brings together all the world-famous brands. Shopping malls, department stores, and boutiques cluster around the city.



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