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Portugal is a small country that faces the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Because of its beautiful coastline and historical heritage, it is one of the most visited countries in Europe. Its smaller size makes it easier to get around and see more places. The temperate climate makes it a year-round vacation destination, where travelers can see Roman and Moorish ruins among other tourist attractions in Portugal.

Portugal occupies the western part of the Iberian Peninsula and is slightly smaller than Indiana. The country is crossed by three large rivers that rise in Spain, flow into the Atlantic, and divide the country into three geographic areas. The Minho River, part of the northern boundary, cuts through a mountainous area that extends south to the vicinity of the Douro River, south of the Douro, the mountain's slope to the plains around the Tejo River. The remaining division is the southern one of Alentejo. The Azores stretch over 547 sq km in the Atlantic and consist of nine islands with a total area of 2,335 sq km. Madeira, consisting of two inhabited islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, and two groups of uninhabited islands, lie in the Atlantic about 861 km southwest of Lisbon.

Portuguese culture is diverse and finds expression in ways that give Portugal its unique personality; like the history, local traditions, the cuisine, the people’s love for performing art. During the summer there are many local festivals where the Portuguese celebrate their culture and enjoy activities such as traditional dance, music concerts and the theatre amongst many other things. The Portuguese have a great tradition of art, music, dance and drama.

One of the oldest independent countries on earth, Portugal is known as a popular destination for migrants from many countries across the world. Based on the current UN estimates, the 2019 population of Portugal is 10.23 million, which ranks it 88th in the world. Portugal is a relatively small country and its population density figures are consistent with its overall size. It has a surface area of 92,090 square kilometers which converts to 35,645 square miles and makes it the 111th largest country in terms of landmass alone. For every square mile of Portuguese territory, there is an average of 111 people here.

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