Stonehenge - The Oldest In The World

  Duration: 10 days / 9 nights; Tour Type: Cultural, Historical; Best Period: May - October; Distance to be passed: 1300 km; Country: Armenia See more details

Площадь Республики

Площадь Республики, расположенная в самом сердце столицы, считается одной из самых красивых городских площадей в мире. Она известна своими поющими фонтанами и вел See more details

Монастырь Хор Вирап

Монастырь славится богатой историей. Во время правления царя Трдат III, Григорий Просветитель пытался распространить христианство в Армении, которое не было одобре See more details

Храм Гарни

Предположительно крепость Гарни была основана в 1 веке до н.э. и была посвящена Богу Михр. Храм состоит из 24 колонн, которые символизировали 24 часа дня. Храм простоял See more details

Монастырь Севанаванк

В 8-м веке несколько монахов поселились на бывшем острове Севан и начали строить свои церкви. Благодаря своему удобному стратегическому расположению, к ним присоед See more details


Монастырь Гошаванк еще один шедевр древней армянской архитектуры. Монастырь расположен в густых дубовых лесах живописного района Дилижан, в селе Гош. Гошаванк ког See more details

Монастырь Нораванк великолепная панорама

В Армении действительно очень много церквей. Но во множестве всех этих церквей, невозможно найти две похожие друг на друга. Это характерно не только для армянских ц See more details

Дилижан - Армянская Швейцария

Дилижан, называющийся «Маленькой Швейцарией» Армении, стоящее место для посещениятуристов и остановки на ночь. В этом лесистом городке много примеров традиционно See more details


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Stonehenge - The Oldest In The World

Duration: 10 days / 9 nights;

Tour Type: Cultural, Historical;

Best Period: May - October;

Distance to be passed: 1300 km;

Country: Armenia


Zorats karer, also called Karahunj, is among the must-see places in the whole world. This archeological site, which dates back to the second millennium BC, is spread on a rocky promontory near the city of Sisian in the province of Syunik 1770 meters high above the sea level. Thus, we can boast of having the oldest astronomical observatory ever found in the history even older than the British Stonehenge and even the pyramids in Egypt. This is another evidence of primeval civilization in Armenia existing from times immemorial, when neither Mesopotamia, nor Egypt, nor any other civilization on earth existed.


Day 1. Arrival-City Tour


Meet and transfer to the hotel. After a short rest at the hotel start the City tour in Yerevan.

The pink and ancient and at the same time cheerful city welcomes all its visitors in all its modesty and luxury. This ancient city is older than Rome. The city has witnessed four settlement phases from the end of the 4th millennium BC to the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. Lying on the main trade routes between East and West, Yerevan was constantly fought back and forth during the course of the time.

Continue the tour in the Brandy Factory to taste legendary Armenian cognac.

Lunchtime tasting Armenian traditional food.

After lunch start to Matenadaran, the depository of ancient manuscripts, enjoy the panorama of the city from Cascade Monument.

Dinner and overnight in Yerevan.


Day 2.Yerevan-Khor Virap-Areni-Noravank-Jermuk

After breakfast at the hotel drive to Khor Virap Monastery, which is famous for its deep dungeon where the first Armenian Catholicos was kept for long 13 years. Proceed to the gorgeous Noravank passing through high picturesque rocks.

Lunch tasting traditional Armenian dishes in a cave café.

After lunch continue to the village of Areni to taste delicate smooth and gentle Armenian wine. Recent archeological expeditions in this region have unearthed the oldest in the world winery, thus proving that the village has the oldest traditions of wine production. Continue to the spa town Jermuk famous with its healthy mineral waters.

Dinner and overnight in Jermuk.


Day 3. Jermuk-Karahunj-Devil’s Bridge-Tatev-Goris

After breakfast at the hotel start the tour to Karahunj (Zorats Karer) or Stonehenge. This astronomical observatory is older than the Stonehenge in Britain.

Lunch tasting traditional Armenian dishes.

Drive to the 9th century Tatev Monastery which is considered to be one of Armenia’s wonders. The longest cableway in the world, called “Wings of Tatev” will help you capture all the magic of the nature in the region of Syunik. Drive to the gorgeous town of Goris.

Dinner and overnight in Goris.


Day 4. Goris-Khndzoresk-Selim-Noratus-Sevan


After breakfast at the hotel start the tour to see the cave dwellings of Khndzoresk where the primeval people lived. Even more, you will be astonished if I say that people still lived here some 50-60 years ago not taking into consideration the development of science and life in general.

Continue the tour to Selim Caravanserai. Built along the Selim Pass, it once hosted the weary travelers and their animals passing by. This unique architectural monument of Medieval Armenia is a splendid relic of the days when Armenia was a crossroad for economical, cultural and military affairs.

Continue the tour to Noratus - an ancient Armenian village famous for its cemetery of cross-stones, the largest one in the territory of Armenia. Many khachkhars in the cemetery of Noratus date back to the 13-17th centuries, and the oldest one dates back to the 5th century.

Lunch tasting traditional Armenian dishes.

Visit the monastery of Sevanavank.

Dinner and overnight in Sevan.


Day 5. Sevan-Dilijan-Parz Lake-Goshavank-Haghartsin-Lori

After breakfast at the hotel start the tour to the wonderfully forested region of Dilijan to enjoy the 19th century appearance of the town with a visit to an Armenian traditional art and craft center and observe local women weave carpet.

Visit Haghartsin Monastery (10-13th c.c.). This monastery has its special place in the culture and architecture of Armenia.

Visit the Monastery of Goshavank (13th century). Goshavank used to be a major medieval university with a depository of monastery books.

Drive to the region of Lori.

Dinner and overnight in Lori.


Day 6. Sanahin-Haghpat-Shirak

After breakfast at the hotel start the tour visiting the monasteries of Sanahin (10th century) and Haghpat (10th century). Both are inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the period from the 10-13th centuries, Sanahin was an important and reputable center of learning, where humanitarian sciences and medicine were taught. Scientific treatises were written, paintings and miniatures were created here. As for Haghpat, it was here in this holy site, that the great Armenian poet Sayat-Nova had lived and created his wonderful songs and poems.

Lunch tasting traditional Armenian dishes.

Drive to region of Shirak.

Dinner and overnight in Shirak.


Day 7. Shirak-Arutch-Oshakan-Yerevan

After breakfast at the hotel start the tour to Aruch to see the 7th century temple, remnants of the bronze century tombs, the old fortress and the caravanserai preserved till our days.

Lunch tasting traditional Armenian dishes.

Drive to Oshakan village to visit the church of Mesrop Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian alphabet. Later he was buried here.

Drive to Yerevan.

Dinner and overnight in Yerevan.


Day 8. Yerevan-Genocide Museum-Etchmiadzin-Amberd-Zvartnots-Yerevan

After breakfast at the hotel start tour to Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Park visiting the Genocide Museum.

Continue the tour to Etchmiadzin, the holy city of Armenia. Visit the Holy See of Armenian Catholicos, Echmiadzin with its main Cathedral (4th c.), St. Gayane (7th c.), St. Hripsime (7th c.). All of them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Continue the tour to Amberd fortress, a 7th century Armenian fortress located 2,300 meters (7,500 ft) above sea level.

Drive back to Yerevan with a stop at the ruins of Zvartnots (7th c.). The latter is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dinner and overnight in Yerevan.


Day 9. Yerevan-Garni-Geghard-Vernissage

After breakfast at the hotel start the tour visiting Garni pagan temple, which is a wonderful piece of Hellenistic architecture and the only surviving pagan temple in Armenia.

Lunch tasting Armenian traditional food and watching lavash baking and barbeque making process in Armenian traditional underground oven “tonir”.

Proceed to the magnificent monastic complex Geghard, which is inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Return to Yerevan with a stop at the open air market art and craft market called Vernissage.

Dinner and overnight in Yerevan.


Day 10. Transfer to the airport. Departure

See you soon!!!