Stonehenge - The Oldest In The World

  Duration: 10 days / 9 nights; Tour Type: Cultural, Historical; Best Period: May - October; Distance to be passed: 1300 km; Country: Armenia See more details

Площадь Республики

Площадь Республики, расположенная в самом сердце столицы, считается одной из самых красивых городских площадей в мире. Она известна своими поющими фонтанами и вел See more details

Монастырь Хор Вирап

Монастырь славится богатой историей. Во время правления царя Трдат III, Григорий Просветитель пытался распространить христианство в Армении, которое не было одобре See more details

Храм Гарни

Предположительно крепость Гарни была основана в 1 веке до н.э. и была посвящена Богу Михр. Храм состоит из 24 колонн, которые символизировали 24 часа дня. Храм простоял See more details

Монастырь Севанаванк

В 8-м веке несколько монахов поселились на бывшем острове Севан и начали строить свои церкви. Благодаря своему удобному стратегическому расположению, к ним присоед See more details


Монастырь Гошаванк еще один шедевр древней армянской архитектуры. Монастырь расположен в густых дубовых лесах живописного района Дилижан, в селе Гош. Гошаванк ког See more details

Монастырь Нораванк великолепная панорама

В Армении действительно очень много церквей. Но во множестве всех этих церквей, невозможно найти две похожие друг на друга. Это характерно не только для армянских ц See more details

Дилижан - Армянская Швейцария

Дилижан, называющийся «Маленькой Швейцарией» Армении, стоящее место для посещениятуристов и остановки на ночь. В этом лесистом городке много примеров традиционно See more details

High Above The Sea Level

10 days / 9 nights

Day 1

Arrival-Brandy Factory-City Tour

Arrival, meet and transfer to the hotel. After breakfast at the hotel start the city tour with the depository of ancient Armenian manuscripts called Matenadaran. The depository contains valuable items among them the oldest parchment book that is the Gospel of Lazarus written in 887, as well as the heaviest Armenian manuscript, weighing 34 kilograms. Drive to the Cascade Monument to enjoy the panorama of the city. Visit the Erebuni Museum containing items unearthed during the course of the time and evidence the age of our capital city. Lunch tasting traditional Armenian dishes. Visit Cafesjian Center for the Arts, enjoying the marvelous collection of glass, painting, sculpture, print and drawing. Proceed to Opera House visiting the roundabouts: State Conservatory, the Monument “Men” in the Saryan Park. The monument is devoted to a famous Armenian film called “Men”, then visit Lake Swan, Monument of Aram Khachatryan, William Saroyan, Arno Babajanyan, Hovhannes Tumanyan. Later proceed to Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Park visiting the Genocide Museum. Start a street tour including Republic Square, Yerevan State University, Victory Bridge, Sports & Concerts complex, Kiev Bridge. Later drive along the Baghramyan Avenue with the House of Parliament and Academy of Sciences and other important buildings on both sides. Dinner and overnight in Yerevan.

Day 2


After breakfast at the hotel start the tour to the Pearl of Armenia with emerald waters Sevan, the largest freshwater lake in the Caucasus. The lake is situated 1900 meters above the sea level. This freshwater lake is a popular tourist destination in Armenia offering a wonderful change of scenery from wild beauty to elegantly exotic lake. Lunch tasting fish typical to the lake prepared in a traditional Armenian way. Visit the khachkar cemetery Noratus, and the monastery of Sevanavank founded in the year of 874. Stroll around the lake. Dinner and overnight in Sevan.

Day 3

Sevan-Sevaberd-Lake Akna

After breakfast start the mountain tour to Sevaberd on vehicle. Stroll around the territory. Have a picnic. Camping near the wonderful Lake Akna.

Day 4

Lake Akna-Azhdahak

After breakfast start the mountain tour ascending the Mount Azhdahak (3598). It is the highest point in Geghama Mountain Range. From above a wonderful panorama of Ararat, Hadis, Ara, Aragats mountains and Lake Sevan, as well as the whole Geghama Range and Kotayk valley. The Lake Akna located in the surroundings of the mount make the place like a fairy tale. During the trip tourists can see a considerable number of petroglyphs. These rock carvings depict pictures of hunting and fighting, as well as astronomical symbols. In Armenian mythology Azhdahak was a man-dragon. Descend to the Lake Akna. Dinner. Camping near the Lake Akna.

Day 5

Azhdahak-Kaqavaberd Fortress-Khosrov

After breakfast start the mountain tour exploring Dragon Stones. Hike till the impregnable fortress of Kaqavaberd. Picnic and rest at the lake. Hike in the picturesque Khosrov reservoir, the haunt of ancient Armenian kings where they went for hunting. Since ancient times the reservoir has been under protection. Tourists have the chance to enjoy the wild beauty of the combination of the green trees and plants, high rocks, luxurious and noisy rivers and falls making the place a real paradise. Dinner. Camping.

Day 6

Khosrov-Khosrov River-Gilan-Yelija-St. Stepanos-Yelija

After breakfast start the mountain tour strolling near the Khosrov River. Hike towards the villages of Gilan near Azat River and up to Yelija camp. Picnic. Hike towards the 7th century St. Stepanos church. Go back to the village of Ylija for rest. Dinner and overnight in Yelija.

Day 7

Yelija-Havuts Tar-Geghard-Garni

After breakfast start the mountain tour to Havuts Tar, an impressive monastery of the 11-13th centuries situated a few kilometers away from Garni temple. The monastery is situated on the left side of the River Goght. Picnic. Hike towards the village of Geghard, visit the “cave monastery” Geghard. The monastery is famous for the sacred relics, the “lance” being among them. It was the lance that pierced Christ. Drive to the village of Garni on vehicle. Visit the pagan temple Garni, the only surviving in its type. Dinner and camping nearby.

Day 8

Garni-Aragats-Amberd-Lake Kari-Byurakan

After breakfast start the tour to the Mount Aragats, trying to overcome the Southern (3887) and Western (4001) peaks. Enjoy the panorama around and bellow. The scenic view will always stay in your memory for the rest of your life. Picnic for lunch. Proceed to the 11-13th centuries fortress of Amberd situated 2300 meters above the sea level. Rest at the beautiful azure Lake Kari mostly formed by ice and snow. Continue to the village of Byurakan which is famous for its orchards. Dinner and overnight in the village of Byurakan.

Day 9


After breakfast start the tour to the highest peak of Armenia, the Northern peak of the mount Aragats. The panorama opening from the middle part of the mountain is especially beautiful: mountain snow and lake waters shining in a bright sunny weather, lonely hills hidden by fog, and the brilliant green fields. Fans of mountain hiking are welcome to fight with the nature and the complicated relief. A legend goes that when Gregory the Illuminator was praying on this mountain, a light miraculously was lit over him from above the heaven. Picnic and rest. Descend the mount and drive to Yerevan. Dinner and overnight in Yerevan.

Day 10

Transfer to the airport. Departure

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