Stonehenge - The Oldest In The World

  Duration: 10 days / 9 nights; Tour Type: Cultural, Historical; Best Period: May - October; Distance to be passed: 1300 km; Country: Armenia See more details

Площадь Республики

Площадь Республики, расположенная в самом сердце столицы, считается одной из самых красивых городских площадей в мире. Она известна своими поющими фонтанами и вел See more details

Монастырь Хор Вирап

Монастырь славится богатой историей. Во время правления царя Трдат III, Григорий Просветитель пытался распространить христианство в Армении, которое не было одобре See more details

Храм Гарни

Предположительно крепость Гарни была основана в 1 веке до н.э. и была посвящена Богу Михр. Храм состоит из 24 колонн, которые символизировали 24 часа дня. Храм простоял See more details

Монастырь Севанаванк

В 8-м веке несколько монахов поселились на бывшем острове Севан и начали строить свои церкви. Благодаря своему удобному стратегическому расположению, к ним присоед See more details


Монастырь Гошаванк еще один шедевр древней армянской архитектуры. Монастырь расположен в густых дубовых лесах живописного района Дилижан, в селе Гош. Гошаванк ког See more details

Монастырь Нораванк великолепная панорама

В Армении действительно очень много церквей. Но во множестве всех этих церквей, невозможно найти две похожие друг на друга. Это характерно не только для армянских ц See more details

Дилижан - Армянская Швейцария

Дилижан, называющийся «Маленькой Швейцарией» Армении, стоящее место для посещениятуристов и остановки на ночь. В этом лесистом городке много примеров традиционно See more details

Geographical position

The Republic of Armenia is located at the crossroad between Europe and Asia. It is a landlocked mountainous country situated in Caucasus. Armenia borders with Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan and de facto independent Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

The territory of Armenia is not a huge one, but the geography is quite diverse. One can find all the geographical zones. After 15-20 minutes in the cold of the mountains you can appear in the heat of Ararat valley, and then walk in cool waters of the Armenian beauty Sevan.



UTC/GMT +4 hours



Climate ranges from subtropical to alpine.

The winter is soft. It snows, but not so much, though it does not mean that you cannot enjoy skiing and skating here. Just on the contrary, we have much snow and many sunny days in Tsakhkadzor.

Spring is rainy, but the days are bright.

The autumn is the season for harvest. The flavor of Armenian apricot, peach, and grape cannot be compared with any other. We have a pleasant weather in autumn, it does not rain often.

The summer is hot; the temperature reaches up to 37-40 Degrees. The hottest days are observed in late July and at the beginning of August.



The official language is Armenian. Armenian is a separate branch in the Indo-European languages. As a result of the influence of the USSR, Russian is widely spoken. English is also spoken, but mainly by young people. You can find shop and street posters in English everywhere in the city. You can find translators, interpreters and guides in all other languages as well.



Armenians are Apostolic, Orthodox Christians. Armenia was the first country to accept Christianity in 301 AD. It has its own church, Armenian Apostolic church. A significant number of the population (94%) follows Christianity, small percentage of other religions are present as well. The center of the Armenian Apostolic church is the Holy See of Echmiadzin.


Ethnic groups

Armenians 93%, Russians 2%, others (mostly Yezidis and Kurds) 2%



Yerevan has numerous world famous brands. The city center is rich with luxurious shops. The welcoming staff will help you to choose the style close to your heart. Shops are open every day from 10 am till 7 pm.


Currency and banking

The monetary unit of Armenia is AMD (Armenian dram). It is also the national money of Nagorno-Karabakh. 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 dram coins and 1000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000, 50 000 and 100 000 AMD banknotes can be found in circulation.

The banking system is quite developed in Armenia. They offer many different types of services. Banks are open from Monday till Friday, 09:00-17:00. Exchange offices are open until midnight and also operate at weekends and on public holidays. ArCa Classic Card, MasterCard Standard Card, MasterCard Gold Card, MasterCard Platinum Card, Visa Electron Maestro Card, Visa Classic Card/Master Card Standard, Visa Gold Card/Master Card Gold, Visa Business Card, American Express Gold Card, American Express Blue Card can be used here.



The visa procedures in Armenia are quite easy. You can get it in the embassies of the Republic of Armenia abroad or just at the frontier of Armenia and at the airport, as well as on the Internet on-line.



All types of modern transportation are used in the country. The most important among them is the recently reconstructed “Zvartnots” International Airport, which meets all the international standards. It has numerous flights from any part of the world. The welcoming staff does its best to please all passengers.

There are numerous taxi services that are at your disposal any time you wish for a reasonable price. But you can also take a bus or a mini-bus (Armenians call it “marshrutka” from the Russian variant). They work according to a fixed schedule and take you to any part of the city only within 15-30 minutes. The fee for both the big bus and the mini-bus is very cheap.

Special mini-buses will take you to any region of the country and back again for a reasonable price. They leave from the Northern Station or from the Kilikia Station.

And finally the train connects Armenia with the neighboring Georgia.