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Greece is a European country famous with its clean, azure sea, sunny days, wonderful Greek cuisine and traditional hospitality. 

Mainland Greece borders with Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria. Due to this fact, Greece has inherited elements of Balkan culture. For a definite period of time Greece has also been under the influence of Turkey and Arabs, and later under the influence of Venice. That is why you can see cities in Italian style with Christian Cathedrals and arab mosques with minarets.

The islands in Greece, even those very close to each other, are often very different from each other. They vary not only in appearance, but also in history.
In Greece everyone will find a rest close to heart. Here you can easily enjoy the sun and the sea, rent a car and travel, to go shopping, to attend numerous Greek taverns serving Mediterranean dishes, to become absorbed in ancient history during interesting excursions.


In Greece the sun shines 300 days a year, it is usually rainy starting from November till late in March. The climate is mild Mediterranean. Thanks to winds, it is very easy to stand even the hottest days (in August it is about 40 C). Beginning from May it is warm enough to swim in Crete, and beginning from June you can enjoy swimming in Rhodes, Kos and Corfu. The “velvet” season lasts from September till late November. During this period you can enjoy the warm sea and not so hot weather. In the evenings it is cool in May and October-November, that is why it is advisable to take a jacket or coat. 


The Greek beaches are diverse: golden, pink or black sand, pebble, stony. All of them are only municipal, the entrance is free, and you should only pay beach beds and chairs. An ordinary package costs about 5 EUR. It is considered that the sun and the sea should be affordable for everyone, that is why you can easily make yourself comfortable with your own beach accessories. Many hotels pay the municipal for renting the beach beds and chairs themselves, so the tourists, who stay in those hotels, do not have to take money to the beach.


In the majority of places the faucet water is considered to be clean only after boiling, but anyway we recommend you to use bottled water. You can find it in shop, and in case of “All Inclusive” you can always take a bottle of water in hotel bar. It is also advisable to refrain from using beverage with ice, especially in unfamiliar bars.

Traditions and customs

The Greek people can fully enjoy their life. A Greek can waste all the salary for a single party, and spend the remaining time with no money at all, but with a happy smile on the face. Their unrestrained optimism is expressed with the famous phrase “God will give” “God bless you”!

The Greek are passionate, sentimental and tolerant. Punctuality is not characteristic to the Greek. They can be late for a business meeting. The Greek “tomorrow” means something indefinite or refusal. It is not appropriate to take off the shoes in a Greek house, and an invitation does not necessarily imply dinner or supper. It is not appropriate to call somebody during the siesta, from 14 to 18, as well as in the evening after 22, in order not to disturb the people. Individualism is the main feature characterizing the Greek people. The latter vanishes all the attempts to sort out and label the Greek as a nation. The majority of customs are connected with religious ceremonies or holidays, even though many of them are of pagan origin, and only slightly bleached with a portion of Christianity. As a rule, the Greek people are not very religious, any way they are far not fanatic, because the Greek Orthodox church does not interfere with their personal life.


Greek (99%) (official), Albanian is spoken by approximately 700,000 Albanian immigrants, English is the predominant second language.

Local time

UTC/GMT +2 hours


Halkidiki is one of the most environmentally clean islands in Europe. The nature has created ideal conditions for summer rest here: the clean waters of Aegean Sea, almost 500 km long persistent beaches of small golden sands, pine trees that come down from the rocks and find their reflection in quiet sea. All this give special uniqueness to the whole natural ensemble. Halkidiki is an everlasting green paradise, where the fuss and liveliness, which is characteristic to any cosmopolitan center, harmoniously merge with the peace and the quietness. According to ancient myths, titans, the rivals of gods, had a rest here. The God of Sea, Poseidon, lost his trident during the battle with them. Thus the island of Halkidiki arose.

Halkidiki peninsula consists of three peninsulas, “fingers”, jutting out into Aegean Sea: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos.

The most favorite among the “fingers” is Kassandra peninsula with its panoramic sandy beaches, pine groves, and wonderful bays. To the East it is washed by Torneos gulf, and to the West – Thermaikos gulf.

The middle “finger” of Sithonia borders with numerous panoramic gulfs. The wild green woods, traditional fishing villages and the azure sea have turned this place one of the most scenic peninsulas out of the three of them.

And finally, the most mysterious “finger” is the peninsula Aphon. It has not been much touched by civilization, but has been mainly inhabited by monks. The Holy Mount, which magically rises above the sea level (2033 m), is covered by virgin forests and actually astonishes imagination.

Hotels in Kassandra

Oceania Club & Spa 5*
Porto Sani Village & Spa 5*
Sani Asterias Suites 5* De Luxe
Sani Beach Club & Spa 5*
Sani Beach Hotel & Spa 5*
Afitis Hotel 4*
Ammon Zeus 4*
Elani Bay 4*
Flegra Palace 4*
Grecotel Pella Beach 4*
Hanioti Palace 4*
Kassandra Palace 4*
Lesse Hotel 4*
Mendi Hotel 4*
Possidi Holidays 4*
Renaissance Hanioti Resort 4*
Imperial Hotel 3*
Iris Hotel 3*
Sousouras Hotel & Bungalows 3*
Royal Halkidiki 2*

Hotels in Sithonia

Athena Pallas & Village 5*
Porto Carras-Meliton Hotel 5*
Porto Carras-Sithonia Hotel 5*
Anthemus Sea Beach Hotel & Spa 4*
Blue Dolphin 4*
Ekies All Senses Resort 4*
Village Mare 4*
Elea Village 3*
Lily Ann Beach 3*
Lily Ann Village 3*
Porfi Beach 3*
Simeon Hotel 3*


You can hardly ever find somebody who has never heard of Crete. This island with its centuries-old culture and history lies at the very origins of the European civilization. But the great number of visitors is attracted not only by the culture and history.

The island landscape is comprised of hills, high mountains, caves and fertile valleys. The landscape continuously changes from severe and poor to wooded and soft scenery.

The water in the Northern banks is warmer, than in Southern. This is thanks to the stream. That is why the numerous beaches and hotels are situated in the Northern part.

Modern Crete is an island of transparent warm sea and numerous beaches, bright sun and cool star nights, as well as famous with its archeological monuments and wonderful nature. Crete keeps rapidly developing and changing its appearance.


Avra Imperial Beach Resort & Spa 5*
Cavo Spada Luxury Resort & Spa 5* De Luxe
Cretan Dream Royal 5*
Galini Sea View 5*
Grecotel Kalliston 5* De Luxe
Iolida Beach Apart Hotel 5*
Minoa Palace Resort & Spa 5*
Panorama Hotel & Panorama Blue Executive Wing 5*
Pilot Beach Resort & Spa 5*
Santa Marina Plaza Boutique Hotel 5*
Atlantica Caldera Creta Paradise 4*
Grand Bay Resort 4*
Santa Marina Beach 4*
Vantaris Beach 4*
Vantaris Palace 4* Plus
Creta Palm Resort 3* Plus
Happy Days 3*
Indigo Mare 3*
Koukouras 3*
Lia Apartments 3*
Mari Beach 3*
Sandy Beach 3*
Aquila Porto Rethymno 5*
Aquila Rithymna Beach 5*
Grecotel Creta Palace 5*
Grecotel Club Marine Palace & Suites 4* Plus
Grecotel El Greco 4*
Grecotel Plaza Spa Apartments 4*
Iberostar Creta Panorama 4*
Olympic II Hotel Apartments 4*
Bali Beach & Villas 3*
Constantin 3*
Dolfin Liza Mary 3*
Eleonora Hotel-Apart 3*
Krini Beach 3*
Olympic Palladium 3*
Talea Beach 3*


Aldemar Knossos Royal 5* De Luxe
Aldemar Royal Mare 5* De Luxe
Atlantica Sensatori Resort 5*
Capsis Crystal Energy Hotel 5*
Capsis Divine Thalassa 5*
Capsis Eternal Oasis 5*
Capsis OH! All Suite Hotel & Spa 5*
Capsis Ruby Red Regal Hotel 5*
Grecotel Amirandes 5* De Luxe
Out Of The Blue, Capsis Elite Resort 5*
Agapi Beach 4*
Aldemar Cretan Village 4*
Cretan Malia Park 4*
Imperial Belvedere 4*
Semiramis Village 4*
Themis Beach 4*
Erato Hotel 3*
Hara Ilios Village 3*
Malia Bay 3*
Oceanis Hotel 3*
Triton 3*
Armava 2*


Rhodes is the capital, the main city and the port of Dodecanese islands in Greece. It is located in the very Northern parts of the island. This ancient city is about 2,5 thousand years old, and each epoch has left its track in its architecture. Remnants of ancient temples and medieval chivalry constructions, Byzantine churches and Turkish mosques, Italian buildings and modern houses, hotels – all this give a special look to the city. Rhodes once hosted one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the statue of the God of the Sun, Helios- Colossus of Rhodes, which was destroyed by the earthquake in 222 BC. One of the World Heritage monuments - Colossus of Rhodes – attracts tourists from different countries. The city is divided into two parts: Medieval (old) and New City. In the old city you can see different architectural monuments of chivalry times, small streets with taverns, bars and cafes, as well as the Sokratous Street, which is a long souvenir shop. The modern part of Rhodes is dynamic, there are many nice restaurants, fine magazines, fashionable discos, prestigious night clubs and casinos here. As for the modern part of Rhodes, it is in sharp contrast with the Old City. Spending the holidays in Rhodes is a lucky opportunity to combine the informative and beach rest. There are numerous sights and sand and pebble city beaches with well developed infrastructure.


Kos is usually called “Hippocrat island” or “Aegean Sea garden”. You can understand this, only if you visit this place. Small scenic villages, scattered all over the island, most diverse architectural monuments, soft sandy beaches and azure sea harmoniously form a surprisingly magical atmosphere, attracting numerous guests and making them come back here again and again.

Fans of natural wonders, leisurely island life, as well as youth sports are welcome to Kos. Kos is the haunt of windsurfers, as for the fans of cycle racing, they can always find specially marked paths. In ancient times Kos was called “the floating garden of the Aegean”. The pine trees on the island neighbor with olive groves; the valleys – with fruit gardens; and the natural parks – with reserves. Besides, Kos is deprived of any kind of industrial production, and that is why it is considered to be one of the most environmentally clean islands in Greece. Wonderful beaches and the crystal clean sea, numerous traditional villages and their hospitable people, refined culinary delicacies, traditional domestic wine and stirring music.