Stonehenge – Die älteste Sternwarte in der Welt

ZoratsKarer (auch Karahunj) gehört zu den Must-See-Orten in der ganzen Welt und vor allem in Armenien. Der Name Karahunjkann in der armenischen Sprache wie der "Klang der Steine" ("Kar" bedeutet "Stein" und "Hunj" "Ton, Stimme") interpretiert werden. Diese archäologische Stätte, die aus der zwe See more details

Holy Mount Ararat

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights; Tour Type: Cultural, Historical; Best Period: May - October; Distance: ~1080 km; Country: Armenia See more details

Garantierte Abfahrten

Dauer: 8 Tage / 7 Nächte; Tourtyp: Kulturelle und Freizeit-Tour. Beste Reisezeit: abhängig von der Terminfestsetzung; Distanz: ca. 500km; Land: Armenien See more details

Armenien– Top-Reiseziel

Dauer: 8 Tage / 7 Nächte; Tourtyp: Historische, kulturelle und Weinprobe - Tour. Beste Zeitperiode: März-November; Distanz: ca. 1080km; Land: Armenien See more details


Dauer: 8 Tage / 7 Nächte; Tourtyp: Historische Tour,Brandy-und Weinprobe-Tour, Wandertour. Beste Zeitperiode: Mai-Oktober; Distanz: ca. 1550km; Land: Armenien See more details

Entlang der Großen Seidenstraße

Dauer: 8 Tage / 7 Nächte; Tourtyp: Seidenstraße, historisch, kulturell. Beste Zeitperiode: Mai-Oktober; Distanz: ca. 1550km; Land: Georgien, Armenien See more details

Spüren Sie den Weg von Armenien nach Karabach

  Dauer: 14 Tage / 13 Nächte; Tourtyp: Historische Tour, Jeep-, Abenteuer-, Weinprobetour. Beste Zeitperiode: Mai-Oktober; Distanz: ca. 1900km; Land: Armenien, Berg-Karabach  See more details

Perlen von Kaukasus

Dauer: 13 Tage / 12 Nächte; Tourtyp: Historische, kulturelle Tour, Weinprobe- und Feinschmecker-Tour. Beste Zeitperiode: März-Dezember; Land: Armenien, Georgien See more details

Spanish Kingdom is situated in the North-Western part of Europe, on the Pyrenean peninsula. In West it borders with Portugal and in North with France, Andorra, Morocco, in South with Gibraltar. In West and North it is washed by the Atlantic sea, in South-East by the Mediterranean Sea. Madrid is the capital city.


The climate in Spain is subtropical, Mediterranean. The coldest period is from December till February, the hottest period is from July till August. The softest climate can be observed in the Southern part of the Mediterranean coast, where the medium temperature is about 14 °C. The period from spring till autumn is the best season for travel.


Spanish is the official language, but in the regions dialects are considered the official languages. Many people in Spain can understand English, German.


95% of believers are Catholics. According to the constitution of the Kingdom of Spain, church is divided from the state.


The Spanish are a friendly and emotional nation that is why if you hear a loud scream or a loud speech in the street, do not be afraid, it is not a fight or a scandal, this is the expression of emotions. It is recommended to be tactful, polite and friendly while in Spain. It is advised to respect the customs and culture of this land. The Spanish people are ego centrists, for them it is not important to what is going on outside the boundaries of their country, it is not accepted to talk about corrode, age, death and king. The children are the center of the family. Life is 
focused on them. The local people like holidays and luxuriant, happy feasts very much. 
Spain is famous with a cuisine, which combines the culinary traditions of the regions. Each region has its own unique cuisine. Spain is also famous with its wines, desserts and puddings. 
While in Spain it is recommended to visit the Cathedral of the Holy Family, Park Güell, created in Gaudí in Barcelona, Prado National Museum, Madrid Royal Palace, Toledo city-museum, Segovia, Seville, Cordoba and Granada, Tenerife Island, Mallorca.

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