Stonehenge – Die älteste Sternwarte in der Welt

ZoratsKarer (auch Karahunj) gehört zu den Must-See-Orten in der ganzen Welt und vor allem in Armenien. Der Name Karahunjkann in der armenischen Sprache wie der "Klang der Steine" ("Kar" bedeutet "Stein" und "Hunj" "Ton, Stimme") interpretiert werden. Diese archäologische Stätte, die aus der zwe See more details

Holy Mount Ararat

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights; Tour Type: Cultural, Historical; Best Period: May - October; Distance: ~1080 km; Country: Armenia See more details

Garantierte Abfahrten

Dauer: 8 Tage / 7 Nächte; Tourtyp: Kulturelle und Freizeit-Tour. Beste Reisezeit: abhängig von der Terminfestsetzung; Distanz: ca. 500km; Land: Armenien See more details

Armenien– Top-Reiseziel

Dauer: 8 Tage / 7 Nächte; Tourtyp: Historische, kulturelle und Weinprobe - Tour. Beste Zeitperiode: März-November; Distanz: ca. 1080km; Land: Armenien See more details


Dauer: 8 Tage / 7 Nächte; Tourtyp: Historische Tour,Brandy-und Weinprobe-Tour, Wandertour. Beste Zeitperiode: Mai-Oktober; Distanz: ca. 1550km; Land: Armenien See more details

Entlang der Großen Seidenstraße

Dauer: 8 Tage / 7 Nächte; Tourtyp: Seidenstraße, historisch, kulturell. Beste Zeitperiode: Mai-Oktober; Distanz: ca. 1550km; Land: Georgien, Armenien See more details

Spüren Sie den Weg von Armenien nach Karabach

  Dauer: 14 Tage / 13 Nächte; Tourtyp: Historische Tour, Jeep-, Abenteuer-, Weinprobetour. Beste Zeitperiode: Mai-Oktober; Distanz: ca. 1900km; Land: Armenien, Berg-Karabach  See more details

Perlen von Kaukasus

Dauer: 13 Tage / 12 Nächte; Tourtyp: Historische, kulturelle Tour, Weinprobe- und Feinschmecker-Tour. Beste Zeitperiode: März-Dezember; Land: Armenien, Georgien See more details

Dear traveler,

Are you tired of crowded and polluted cities, high skyscrapers? Are you escaping from everyday fuss and crazy routines? Do you want to experience a different type of vacation in the cool and fresh air, in a cozy land with an astonishing nature untouched by human beings? Then you have to come to the right place as an ancient land like Armenia has a lot to offer to a foreign traveler.

Armenia, the cradle of one of oldest civilizations, sure has many privileges. There are many things Armenia is number one in the whole world:

  • Stonehenge in Armenia called Karahunj or Zorats Karer is older than Stonehenge in England.
  • The oldest shoe in the world was found in Armenia. It was made of 5500 year-old impeccably preserved leather.
  • The longest cableway in the world, called “Wings of Tatev” can be seen in the gorgeous Armenian landscape.
  • Noah’s ark rested on the Biblical Mount Ararat after the famous flood. Though this snow white mount is currently in the territory of Turkey, it still remains one of Armenia’s symbols and the object of inspiration for all our artists.
  • It was the first country to accept Christianity in 301 AD, earlier than Rome, and has a capital city older than Rome.

Being a Christian country, it is rich with churches designed with unique architectural solutions. Their history comes from times immemorial. Despite the numerous devastating earthquakes, as well as other disasters, these churches and monasteries have survived and still preserve their architectural design and on top of all, the holy spirit of Christianity. In the abundance of churches and monasteries, some of them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Due to its rich history and diverse geographical position, archeological explorations are still done.

Armenia is a small country with an amazing nature full of natural monuments and impressive landscapes, high plateaus and sleeping volcanoes, deep canyons and turbulent rivers. Visitors of Armenia often call it “a museum in the open air”. As if various earthquakes during the course of the time have given a special shape to our mountains.

The capital, Yerevan (often called a “brick city” or a “pink city”), is a city of contrasts. It combines the old and the modern. You can see buildings of historical value amongst newly constructed luxurious and modern ones.

On top of all Armenia is not a melting pot, so it is a safe country to travel for every nationality.
And the last but not least is the feelings and impressions in your heart which you will take to your country.

Map of Armenia