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Welcome to the most hearty, romantic, cheerful and hospitable island of Cyprus!

Cyprus is a sunny island in the Mediterranean. It was praised as fertile land that was presented to the most wonderful daughter of Zeus, to Aphrodite – the goddess of beauty, love and fertility. The place is usually called Aphrodite Island, and the goddess herself – Cypriot. The beautiful landscapes: valleys and hills, sandy beaches and rocky beaches, and which is more important amazingly warm, blue, boundless sea – all this makes an unforgettable impression and you want to come back again and again.

Being located on the crossroads of sea roads of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa, the island of Cyprus has been influenced by different cultures from times immemorial. Remnants of Stone Age settlements, Greek gymnasiums and temples, Roman villas and theatres, Byzantine temples and monasteries, crusaders’ castles and Venetian forts, Gothic Cathedrals and Turkish mosques have been preserved here. Today all this makes an unforgettable atmosphere on the island, where the modern is combined with ancient culture, and the nature is combined with comfort of the civilization.

Cyprus is a wonderful place for people of most diverse interests. You can visit this island with your family and children or with your beloved person; you can devote your time to sun and sea or explore the entire island during excursions, dance in clubs the whole night away or have a nice pastime at a Cyprus party and feel the local flavor with stirring music, dances and traditional cuisine.


The climate is subtropical Mediterranean. It is considered to be the most temperate and healthy in the world. The sun shines over the island 300 days a year. The island enjoys long summers (+25-35 C), soft, relatively rainy winters (+10-15 C). During winter time you can partially see snow covers.


The majority of Cyprus beaches are municipal with chargeable beach umbrellas and chairs. Anyway the entrance is free and you can make yourself comfortable with your beach accessories. Many of them are marked with Blue Flag of EU.


It is not advisable to drink water from faucet even after boiling it. You should use bottled water sold in shops.

It is also advisable to refrain from using ice beverages.

Traditions and customs

In fact today the two parts of divided Cyprus – Northern and Southern, are two different countries, each with its own lifestyle. The overwhelming majority of Greek-Cypriots live in the South, and the Turks live in the North. Orthodox Church dominates in Southern part, and Islam dominates in the Northern part.

Besides, during the course of the time Cyprus was greatly influenced by England. The education system and the workflow on the island is English, that is why practically every Cypriot can make himself understood in English. Cyprus has also inherited the left-side traffic from the English people.

The people here work 40 hours a week, besides during summer time lunch break lasts three hours because of day heat. On Wednesdays people work only till 13:00, and the second part of the day is devoted to rest.


Apokreo (Carnival) comes from Venetian age, and starts 60 before the Orthodox Easter.

Antestiriya is the flower holiday on a Sunday in May. The traditions of this festival originate from ancient mysteries in honor of Dionysus, the goddess of wine.

Kataklysmos (Flood Holiday) is held in May-June. It is connected with the universal flood and the rescue of Noy. In coastal cities, especially in Larnaca, sea parades and big fairs are organized this day.

The Grape Festival in Limassol lasts two weeks in September. It is held in the city park. The program of the festival includes degustation of Cyprus wine, concerts and theatre performances, competitions of dancers and singers.

Festival in Ayia Napa is held on Severis square near the monastery, during the last week of September and lasts three days. The program includes theatrical and opera performances, concerts and folk dances.


Greek and Turkish are the main languages spoken by the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities respectively. English is widely spoken. French and German are also well spoken within the tourist industry.


Cyprus enjoys an exceedingly high level of freedom of worship. While the majority of Greek-Cypriots are Greek-Orthodox Christians, other denominations are represented on the island, including Armenians, Maronites and Roman Catholics.The Turkish-Cypriot community is predominantly Muslim.

Local Time

Cyprus Time is GMT +2


Le Meridien Spa & Resort 5*
St. Raphael Resort 5*
Amathus Beach 5*
Four Seasons 5*
Apollonia Beach 5*
Grand Resort 5*
Mediterranean Beach 4*
Columbia Beach Resort 4*
Kapetanios 3*
Golden Arches 3*
Caravel 2*


Thalassa 5*
Paphus Amathus 5*
Elysium 5*
Coral Beach 5*
Anassa 5*
Annabelle 5*
Asimina Suites 5*
Almyra 5*
Capital Coast Resort & Spa 4*
Athena Beach 4*
Athena Royal Beach 4*
Pioneer Beach 4*
Imperial Beach 4*
Ledra Beach 4*
Dionysos 3*
Cynthiana Beach 3*
Louis Phaethon Beach 3*
Paphos Gardens 3*
Avlida 4*
Sofiana Apts Cat. A
Kissos 3*
King Jason Apts. Cat. A

Ayia Napa

Alion Beach 5*
Grecian Bay 5*
Adams Beach 5*
Nissi Beach 4*
Grecian Sands 4*
Napa Mermaid 4*
Napa Plaza 4*
Anonymous 3*
Anesis 3*
Tasia Maris Sands & Gardens 3*
Nissiana 3*
Nissi Park 3*
So Nice Boutique
So White Boutique
Kermia Beach Bun. Hotel Cat. A
Soho Apts Cat. A
Anthea Apts Cat. A


Sunrise Beach 4*
Sunrise Pearl 4*
Golden Coast 4*
Cavo Maris 3* Superior
Elamaris Hotel Apts Cat. A
Rising Star Hotel Apts Cat. A
Louis Althea Kalamies Luxury Villas


Golden Bay 5*
Palm Beach 5*
Lordos Beach 4*
Sandy Beach 4*
Princess Beach 4*
Henipa 3*
San Remo 2*